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Welcome to the Homeground Kate Bush News Info Forum

Hi there - Mike here, moderator of the group with a quick note to say welcome!

We only recently moved this place over from EzBoard to Yuku, so some of the FAQs etc may be out of date, but bear with us. If you are unable to join up to the group for some reason, or you spot anything that needs updating, then message me directly and I'll see what I can do.

If you are new to the group, there is an area ("Rolling the Ball" ) where all new members are encouraged (optional!) to introduce themselves so they can be welcomed into the group, as well as a FAQ area and a "test" area where you can play with message formats etc to see what works for you. Do give the FAQ area a look as some questions are answered there which get asked over and over in the main group. If there is anything which is not covered let me know and I will update.

Great as well if you can fill in a few details about yourself in your profile if you have not done so already. It really does help for other members to know a little bit about who they are talking to.

We try to keep moderation pretty light, with the main rule being that all members show respect for each other, and for the diversity of views which are bound to exist in a community such as ours. Oh, and no buying and selling of illegal copyright Kate material as well (the lawyers do read our site).

As well as myself as moderator, the Administrators of the board are Seán of the Kate Bush News website and Krystyna and Peter FitzGerald-Morris of HomeGround, the Kate Bush Magazine. Do feel free to message any of us if any problems (best usually to start with me).

So...step right in. And welcome to the gang!


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